Self Esteem


Self Esteem services offered in Morristown, NJ

Your self-esteem might fluctuate through life, but low self-esteem can take a significant toll on your health and well-being. At Embracing Uncertainty Therapy and Wellness in Morristown, New Jersey, mental health experts offer personalized psychotherapy and help you work toward long-term self-esteem improvements. Schedule your appointment over the phone or online for therapy today.

Self Esteem Q&A

What is self-esteem?

Your self-esteem encompasses factors like what you think of yourself and the value you place on your thoughts and opinions. There are many factors that have influence over your self-perception, including your:

  • Confidence
  • Feelings of security
  • Sense of belonging
  • Personal identity
  • Sense of competence
  • Friends and family
  • Activities you participate in

Your self-esteem affects many parts of your life, including the decisions you make, relationships you form, and your mental and emotional health. Low self-esteem can significantly impact your life and the way you feel about the future, but there are steps you can take to improve your sense of self-worth. 

What causes self-esteem problems?

There are many factors that can lead to long- or short-term low self-esteem, some of which are outside of your control. Your provider at Embracing Uncertainty Therapy and Wellness helps you explore the causes of low self-esteem in your past and present, including:

  • Poor academic performance
  • Mental illnesses and mood disorders
  • Chronic medical problems
  • Family conflict
  • An unhappy childhood
  • Abusive relationships
  • Financial problems
  • Past failures
  • Body image

Some causes of low-self esteem are easier to identify than others. With personalized therapy at Embracing Uncertainty Therapy and Wellness, you can work through the underlying causes of your self-esteem problems. 

What can I do to improve my self-esteem?

Improving your self-esteem is possible through individual or family therapy at Embracing Uncertainty Therapy and Wellness. At therapy, you can explore the issues that might affect your self-esteem and learn ways to change the thought patterns that reinforce your negative feelings about yourself. 

Your therapist can help you create specific goals during telehealth or in-person visits at Embracing Uncertainty Therapy and Wellness. You can find ways to avoid dwelling on the past, boost your self-confidence, accept your weaknesses, and set healthy boundaries within your relationships, all of which circle back to your sense of self-esteem. 

Embracing Uncertainty Therapy and Wellness might also have recommendations of lifestyle changes that boost your overall sense of wellness, like exercising or adopting healthy eating habits. They might also encourage you to start a new hobby or venture.

To find ways of improving your self-esteem through progressive therapy and personalized care, call Embracing Uncertainty Therapy and Wellness or schedule an appointment online today.