About Rosalie Cespedes, LCSW

Licensed Social worker in Morristown, NJ

About Rosalie Cespedes, LCSW

I have been working with individuals, families, couples and adolescents for over 11 years. During this time, I provide a therapeutic atmosphere where there is no room for judgement, but instead,  the utmost regards for your privacy.

I provide CBT, person-centered and person strength  as my therapeutic techniques, while letting my clients know what makes them special and believe in their inner strength. My focus is on mood and personality disorders and allowing my clients to find faith, once more, in a more hopeful future. I also work with supervisees by focusing on different modalities and treatment techniques, guidance in diagnosing, understanding ethics and agency procedure as well as comprehending the different stages in treatment and how to sustain treatment.

I utilize the NASW Code of ethics as a guide for competence since it applies to professional social work practice.